Kód: 1180534 | Značka: Punctum Tapes

V/A - Liptov

450 Kč

Liptov is a 12 track collaboration between contemporary Czech and Slovak electronic music producers, each tasked with reinterpreting 1982s “Liptov - A Panorama of Folk Song and Music Culture”. 

Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 19 Feb 2021
Catalogue number: PTSPR002

The original collection sought to preserve the musical cultural heritage of the region, while the “Liptov” compilation maps the current spectrum of the electronic scene of both countries, across genres and styles. Initiated by Prague-based community project Punctum, and released on the Punctum Tapes label, the artists of Liptov not only confront the past with the present via the reimagining of traditional music, but also contribute to the ongoing emancipation of the local electronic music scene.

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