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Kód: 1180906 | Značka: LTE

VA – Long Term Evolution

400 Kč

LTE presents its debut release titled Long Term Evolution, a 6-track compilation bringing together pieces from six artists from around the world. Music we fell in love with, sounds we find appealing, paths to explore. Between now and then.

Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 4 Feb 2022
Catalogue number: LTE01

LTE is a newly-born music label from Prague. Its goal is to build a platform for local and foreign musicians, producers and sound artists. Label's focus lies on contemporary electronic music and a wide spectrum of genres. Learning, trying and experimenting. Putting love, time and effort.

Bad times, good timing.

Mastering by Boris Carloff.
Artwork by Jiří Thýn and Anymade Studio.
Made in EU, 300 pcs

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