Kód: 1180050 | Značka: Endless Illusion

VA - Human Abstracts 12"

300 Kč


Having collaborated over the years in several projects, Endless Illusion and brokntoys join forces for a trilogy of EPs to showcase unique talent across the globe. Meeting somewhere across both label's middle grounds, the first volume of Human Abstracts captures an array of international players operating at the fringes of the 'floor'.

Vltra Delta Drive - El Complot

Santoine - Transmission

Outermost - Mystic River

Konsistent - Paranoid Humanoid

Black Propaganda - Instrument Of Liberation

Kategorie: Žánry
Release date: 10 Jun 2019
Catalogue number: ENDILL012

Colombian duo Vltra Delta Drive kick off the EP with the tense, body-propelled El Complot. Santoine builds up the drama with the uneasy, percussive Transmission. Closing the Aside, Outermost brings his trademark ominous sounds in Mystic River. On the flip, cult favourite Konsistent weaves narcotic grooves on Paranoid Humanoid. After his knockout contribution for Move's launch EP, Black Propaganda brings the EP to a close with the utopian Instrument Of Liberation.

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