Kód: 1180252 | Značka: Mannequin

VA - Waves Of The Future 2x12"

550 Kč

Mannequin’s 100th - a comp looking forward featuring an international and serious cast... BIG TIP!

Silent Servant - Defiant Pose

Ron Morelli - Charges Won't Stick

Beau Wanzer - Snake And Shake

Shawn O'Sullivan - Ill Fit

Not Waving - Seacret Weapon

An-i & Alessandro Adriani - With You

Willie Burns - Light Far Over

Ilum Sphere - Exhaustion

Kategorie: Žánry
Catalogue number: MNQ100
Release date: 16 Feb 2018
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The modern synthwave scene would be significantly poorer without the keen ear and tireless efforts of the Mannequin label run by Alessandro Adriani. Geographically situated within the nerve centers of Rome and Berlin, yet with a musical spirit that easily transcends these boundary lines, Mannequin’s back catalog has been an important component in the modular assemblage that makes up electronics-based independent music in the 21st century, and an important reference point for those who need to defend against the lazy accusations that this such is purely “retro” in its form and content.

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