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Kód: 1788 | Značka: LIO Press

VA - Zauberstab Volume 1 2x12" Compilation

699 Kč

Zauberstab V.A. Volume 1 is a compilation of electronic bedroom music made by contemporary artists that belong to similar sonic spheres.

The A side feels like a holiday in an exotic landscape; the kind of place you don't want to leave. The B side then goes in a slightly deeper meditative direction, but not too far, since the sparking disco-infused psych exploration of ’Space Surfari’ will hold you back from falling into the void of the unconscious.

What comes next is the sound that would welcome a moonlit night sky. The C side slinks into a minimal synth oriented exploration, ending with the intergalactic hopeful drift of ‘Har’.

The last side will provide a comfortable seat on this hypnotic journey. ‘Été 2017’ is an ode to the late summer nights, a mind-driving loop carried by gentle percussive sounds, filled with some bass deepness. The next tracks are the right balance between a hug and a breeze of fresh air for your mind and soul.

At this point you might find yourself wondering if it’s a good idea to open your eyes or just keep them closed for a bit longer and thoroughly enjoy all of the details of this story.

But, why not? This one is, after all, a record to build beautiful memories with.

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