Kód: 1200014 | Značka: Genot Centre

Wrong Dials - Hello Brightness My New Sex Friend

200 Kč

Limited edition of 55 C44 tapes.

It starts with something that emerges out of nothing, when figure-ground illusions become sonorous as hiss and static leak out, reform and are no longer a part of the background hum; we hear frantic machine operations but to what ends? Read below.

Kategorie: Kazety
Release date: 12 Apr 2018

There are fluttering thriftshop-sourced voice snippets, like warbled whispering straight from a rain-soaked field cassette. It's as if something is trying to frantically squeeze through something by all means available, like someone's blowing with full but futile lung capacity to make a thick balloon blow up and self-destruct instantly. Here, swelling tones don't just saturate themselves into overdrive, but they seem to make invisible objects resonate in metallic excitation, revealing a messy experimentation chamber full of rattling surfaces, vibrating coins and throbbing glass. Imagine the sound of a cluttered pedal board falling down the stairs recording itself. The maxed out rhythms eternally shift into new configurations of mechanical sputters, squeaks and scratches, scrape like sandpaper, sometimes dissolving into a slow aquatic drum beat until the fog pulls away and the full spectrum oversaturation is revealed once again.


Limited edition of 55 C44 tapes.
Pro-dubbed by Headless Duplicated Tapes.
Cover photos by Teri Varhol.
Layout by Šimon Levitner.

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