Kód: 1180535 | Značka: Endless Illusion

Philipp Otterbach, Annechoic, Ayaz, Poperttelli, NVST - Year of the Rat Remixes EP

350 Kč

Exhausted Modern builds on his artistic journey with the release of the Year of the Rat remixes EP, a collective reinterpretation that takes the murky, hidden depths of the album to new rhythmic dimensions.



Kategorie: Electro
Release date: 01 Mar 2021
Catalogue number: ENDILL013

Philipp Otterbach starts off the A-side with a spellbinding composition for the thoughtful, dissolving Pineal Gland into an ethereal cluster of solemn melodies and vocals. Annechoic's take on Apathy Eats You Alive delves into the melodic side of the track, polishing it for the dance floor. Poperttelli draws out T-Maze from dark introspection to beats that waver between a glitch and a heartbeat, with the feeling of having been resuscitated.

The B-Side sees Ayaz putting words to a 180-degree spin on Food of the Gods with hallucinogenic dynamism: a grimy tale of facing the unavoidable. Finally, NVST returns with her Hifive remix of Hard Working Rats, oscillating between heavy and melancholic with soul-permeating resonance.

Distributed by
Graphics: Jan Horcik (Heavyweight)
Mastered: Schwa (ORM Studio)

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