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VA - Studiolo - The 90's Afro/Cosmic Era
550 Kč

A practice that would spread throughout Europe during the Renaissance. Northeastern Italy, at the beginning of the 1980s, an entire local scene gathered around a handful of DJs...

Kód: 1180315
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Tolouse Low Trax - Decade vol. III
299 Kč

The thrid an final installment of archive material. Tolouse Low Trax just needs an MPC, a small Synthesizer set up and some effects to create subliminal hypnotic music trips,...

Kód: 1180311
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D.K. - Rising EP 12"
290 Kč

The final chapter in the D.K. trilogy has arrived adorned in a hooded cloak. Sword by his side, the warrior master is rising. This time taking a decidedly darker and determined...

Kód: 1180314
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D.K. - Riding for a Fall 12"
290 Kč

Like many productions stamped “D.K.”, the structure is linear only in appearance: it winds up and down between fantasized exotic landscapes, digital plug-ins mimicking “far...

Kód: 1180313
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18 RAYS - 18 RAYS EP
290 Kč

Sitting somewhere between some sort of timeless and somehow aquatic dream pop and blurred visions of an eerie grunge sound, that probably never was. That being said, the genesis...

Kód: 1180312
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