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Stephen Huss - Galaxy 12"
390 Kč

The Galaxy LP is a collection of 6 tracks recorded between 1983 - 2005 selected together with Darrin Huss. Belial, Quest 6 and Eternal City will be familiar to fans of Psyche as bonus tracks on the CD version of “Daydream Avenue”. Marooned In Step Time, Galactic and Rattlesnake are discoveries from solo archives that are being made available on a physical release for the first time. "Marooned In Step Time" "Quest 6" "Eternal City" "Galactic" "Rattlesnake"

Kód: 1180458
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Sebastian melmoth - The Dynamics of Vanity LP
350 Kč

In a constant state of aural evolution, the London-based four-piece has a delivered a string of albums and EPs that variously touch on everything from garage-rock, grunge and lo-fi pop, to electro, new wave, dark ambient and music concrete, all the while drawing on a myriad of literary and artistic influences. A1 The Engineering Of ConsentA2 ProsopagnosiaA3 Waiting For GodotB1 Seeds (Descent Into Decadence)B2 Icarus

Kód: 1180309
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Hypnobeat ‎– Forbidden Plant 12''
290 Kč

Hypnobeat is a true product of the open-ended spirit of DIY music that proliferated in the 1980s. The prescient project championed deft, machine-powered rhythm programming as its modus operandi long before the practice would become a dominant global cultural form. A Polychrome DesertB1 Spies In MalaysiaB2 Sumatra Railway

Kód: 1180306
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