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Loui$ - Magic Dance 12''
350 Kč

Official limited 300 copies reissue of the rare Blow Up records release of the Italo masterpiece Pink Footpath by Loui$. A Magic Dance (Disco Mix) B Pink Footpath (Disco Mix)br />

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Man Face - You're Hurting Me (w/ Pellegrino Na Na Na edit)
320 Kč

Youtube: You’re Hurting Me (Pellegrino Na Na Na Edit)Man Face is a disco afro studio project from 1977, from the musicians duo Winston Alwyn Gill and Henderson Brathwaite from sounth Africa but recorded in Italy during the disco era. New rediscovered by Early Sounds Recordings in conjunction with Best Record Italy. Pellegrino from the Early Sounds Collective did a good job with additional remix and overdubs for the new “Na Na Na Edit” plus the remastered original disco version available on the flip.

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High Resolution - Sweepin Off 12"
349 Kč

"Sweepin 'Off" is one of the most intriguing record of the entire Roman production of 1983. Moving away from the classic repetitive and pounding strand "Italo-Disco" and thanks to the vaguely pop-new and wave atmospheres made by Stefano Galante (BlackWay & Helene, aka BWH & Asso). Sweepin Off (extended version)Sweepin Off (radio version)Sweepin Off (instrumental)

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Kash - Supercool / Percussion Sundance 12"
350 Kč

Originally released in 1981 on the mysterious "Newlock Records" (apparently associated with the even more mystifying pirate label "Records Production") is a production by Giuseppe Sergio Santapaga, a guitarist from Milano, and Edo Martin an Italian session musician. Supercool would seem to be a sort of cover of a song contained in the soundtrack of "Revenge Of The Pink Panther" and the mystery about this song thickens, and it is this stuff for the freaks of Discogs, since there is an unobtainable instrumental version called "Entity" by the "Entity Band".   SupercoolPercussion Sundance

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Dr. Togo - Be Free 12"
390 Kč

Voice of the Kano project and former percussionist of Eric Clapton, George Benson and Chaka Khan, Glen White in 1982 wrote and arranged “Be Free”, one of the most intriguing and elegant Italian disco / boogie song together with the producer Louis "Gigi" Figini (former member of project "Koxo" alongside the unforgettable Leonardo Re Cecconi). An overlooked gem by the West Indian artist brought back to the musical community!   Be Free" (12" mix)Be Free" (instrumental version)

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Francesco Messina - Medio Occidente LP
450 Kč

Remastered reissue of Francesco Messina's seminal LP from 1983 produced by electronic Italian pioneer Franco Battiato.   Marcia Di KiotoHaremUffici Del 126 PianoRussian Tea RoomPlaza TonalFine NovecentoClub MediterraneeComunicazioni Interne

Kód: 1180411
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Afrodesia - Episode One 12"
330 Kč

Afrodesia may come on like another dusted down gem from those dedicated detectives at Best, but it is in fact a modern construction from the talented studio trysts of Mystic Jungle and Whodamanny from the Periodica camp.   Deep Down In ZanzibarDesert StormMeet In TunisOrion Beat

Kód: 1180410
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