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Darryl Baalki - Last Night I Dreamt About The Sun 12" EP
320 Kč

Deeppa Records · Darryl Baalki - Last Night I Dreamt About The Sun EP [DEEPPA03] "Darryl is a crazy mysterious person. From what I know, he grew up alone with his mother without being much in contact with the rest of the world. His father's music record collection was the only connection with the other cultures and the world. Somehow he got a weird idea in his early childhood that this record collection contained all the music that had been ever created. He persuaded himself that the only way to make new music is to combine bits and pieces from that collection together. So he kept listening to those records and after a while, he was able to recollect their parts and combine them in his head — thus creating new music from what was already there. My role in this process is to communicate with Darryl and transfer his ideas into reality". Mr. Ultrafino  

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