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Zdeněk Liška ‎– Malá Mořská Víla LP
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The original orchestral/electronic score from Karel Kachyna’s 1976 Czech film adaptation of Hans C. Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, composed by Zdeněk Liška (The Cremator/Fruits of Paradise) featuring Lenka Korinkova. Malá mořská víla (The Little Mermaid) by Zdeněk Liška

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Suzanne Ciani - Flowers Of Evil 12"
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As a genuine vanguard of electronic music composition at the forefront of the modular synthesiser revolution in the late 1960s, Suzanne Ciani’s forward-thinking approach to new music would rarely look to the past for inspiration, which makes this unheard composition from 1969 a rare exception to the collective futurist vision of Ciani and synthesiser designer Don Buchla. Flowers Of Evil by Suzanne Ciani

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