Sneaker - The Midas Touch 12"
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Editor extraordinaire, Sneaker welcomes you to marvel at his Midas Touch. Happy disco or chirpy funk edits these ain't. Instead the Rat Life man unearths three dark obscurities and further blackens their already sinister sounds.'Playground' by Click Click first came out in 1988. Sneaker maintains the tension, the steady and strained notes as vocals tell a tale of shrouded menace. Ralph Lundsten opens the flip, his 1970 track 'Through A Landscape of Mirrors' is bolstered with snapping rhythms, synths are smeared and wrenched as the twisted hand of Dunkeltier takes control. The last instalment, first released on Ant-Zen in 2006, is Geneviève Pasquier's 'Fairy Tale.' A gritty track of reduced industrial essences, the original has been extended and further muddied for ready-made dancefloor corruption. Frigio Records · Sneaker - The Midas Touch Ep (Edits) - Frigio Records FRV022 (Snippets)

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Boris Divider - Parallel 12"
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In recent years, following EPs like Surface and Aeon, the Cuenca based artist has changed his canvas.

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