Island Of The Gods

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Young Marco ‎– Bahasa
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In 2014 Young Marco travelled to the islands of Indonesia, visiting several islands within the archipelago including Bali.  A1 Kalapa GardenA2 All These SeasA3 Moving OrnamentsA4 Looking BackB1 Temple On A RoadB2 Time Before TimeB3 Sacred SpaceB4 The Beginning And End

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Black Merlin - Kosua 2LP
650 Kč

Black Merlin's mix of Techno, Ambient atmosphere's and field recordings. Back in full effect with stunning field recordings combined with mesmerizing after production. A1 Self HeatA2 Feeling ColourA3 Seane Falls Womens KulumbaA4 New GuineaB1 CloudB2 Standing At The Summit Of BosaviB3 Fogomay'iu VillageC1 KunduC2 Stalking The CanopyC3 TalisuC4 SibiD1 First LightD2 Chief Sigalo Balo DanceD3 Madmen, Missionaries, Prospectors And WeirdosD4 Big Haus

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