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Transformation / Beau Wanzer - Kozmit / Orbit 12"
390 Kč

This 2nd document of their time in the makeshift studio for another 15 minute psychedelic slo-trip continuing steps in creativity, gaining access to various pieces of musical equipment, hitting the garage, practicing and recording in hopes of making it, entitled ''Sketch 4'' ATransformation - Sketch 4B Beau Wanzer - Oklahoma 3

Kód: 1180288
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Echodroides - Glowing in the Dark 12"
450 Kč

EchoDroides is a collaboration between Chicago natives Frank De La Mora & Miguel Martin. Their sound can be described as a trip through space with analog synthesizers and drum machines. For this special and limited release they re-created a track from 80s US studio project, Experimental Products, - paying tribute to "Glowing In The Dark" original and an instrumental.  A Glowing In The Dark (Original Mix)B Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental)

Kód: 1180304
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