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Don't DJ X NWAQ - Fashion 12"
390 Kč

Leftfield heroes Don't DJ and NWAQ (aka Newworldaquarium) nudge their own sonic boundaries on Fashion, a fantastic mini album for on Meakusma. The tracks were recorded live at Meakusma Festival 2019 and at a residency preceding the Belgian event and fuse weird percussive techniques, glassy synths and airy light house with abstracted techno sound. "The Tiger" (live At Meakusma) "Green Wolf" (live At Vanessa’s) "Central Bern/No Burn" (live At Meakusma) "Vanessa" (live At Vanessa’s) "Rabbits" (live At Meakusma) "White Lies" (live At Vanessa’s) "White Lies" (live At Meakusma)

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