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Severed Heads - Clifford 2000 2xLP
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A wild collection of wave rooted electro, modern electronix and ambient! While the 1980's output of Australia's oft misunderstood Severed Heads is well known, the 2000s were also an intensely creative period for the group. Along with a periodical magazine/album called Op, SH released limited hand-cut discs, two computer games and a handful of ultra-rare artworks. Medical Records is proud to present a new museum ''Clifford 2000'' - a 180gm double album holding 18 years of music over four sides of continuous montage personally segued by Mr. Ellard himself. RenterOblique Firefly OverlockerPeruStupid Maurice FactionEight Track Cartridgec/w BoombalahMilk 6The Song Of SamMilk 8Spider Lox EltonLonestarMeteosatMummy TunnelsMorbidoMummy TunnelsTarmacSlepy Buy CheesTurkey Burger HelperHater Winner HelperBruise Vienna Part 3The Squirrel I Rescued, It Drowned In It's Own VomitThat Funky Pervert From Des Moinesc/w Frozen Princess Dentist TimeGhosts Of LunchesVacuumPrincess DonutMajesticLo Real

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