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Design a Wave - Snake Face LP+7"
390 Kč

Limited LP & 7'' pack from synth pop(?) giant Design A Wave. Big sounds on these cool electronic disco edged cuts. A1 untitledA2 untitledA3 PunisherB1 TelephoneB2 untitledB3 Snake DreamC SnakefaceD untitled

Kód: 1180299
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DJ Nobu - On-Netoh EP 12"
250 Kč

Chiming, bubbling and beautiful, 'Zzzz' is a 15 minute piece that was initially composed as healing music for a sick friend. After lengthy deliberation (and one particularly fun demo listening session in Amsterdam) the accompanying B side tracks were finally decided upon, making up a thrilling set.

Kód: 1180296
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Black Deer - Nowhere Man LP
290 Kč

The return of the returner. 6 track Mini LP. Esoteric electronix produced By William Burnett, New York. A1 Nowhere ManA2 Tic Tac ToeA3 Fertile FlowerB1 Planet ReeseB2 MayaB3 Foraging In The Mountains

Kód: 1180300
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Bear Bones Lay Low - Atlantean Encrypted Message 12"
250 Kč

The intoxicating title track is lifted from the great 'Visions from Limbus'* cassette (2015), while the low slung 'The Well's Son', and the ultra doomy Dans Tes Limbes are much more recent creations to flow from Ernesto González's psychadelic fingers... A1 Atlantean Encrypted Message A2 The Well's SonB1 Dans tes Limbes

Kód: 1180298
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