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Free Range ‎– King Of Snake 12'' LP
399 Kč

Uniting under the moniker of Free Range, prolific US underground producer Matt Weiner (2MR, Night People) and Lithuanian experimentalist Ernestas Sadau (Pinkman, Digital Tsunami), provide Osàre’s first release with ‘King of Snakes’. A lovingly sludgy collaboration, the record mixes DIY electronics, droning atmospheric and space-inflected new wave influences, underscored by a surrealist edge glimpsed in track titles such as ‘Relax, It’s Just Eggs’ and ‘Washing Machine Speaking’. OE001 : Free Range - King Of Snake by Free Range

Kód: 1180761
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Inkasso - Zeichen im Schacht der verschleierten Tatsachen LP
475 Kč

Turbulent synths ooze and oscillate, roaming like searchlight beacons across darkened shores. The experimental and idiosyncratic sound of duo Inkasso explores the feeling of being cast adrift in disorientating, mechanical worlds. In the studio, the pair jam with drills, string instruments, field recordings and everyday objects to create a hypnotic cacophony. Hear the penny drop on 'Asso,’ chains rattle on ‘Träume aus Draht;’ the junglist murk of ‘Tag der Imker,’ and the sharp, crystalline beat of ‘Punkervirtel.’ Inkasso invites you to get lost in the uncanny spaces between dub, drone and techno; static introspection and the primal desire to dance. OE006: Inkasso - Zeichen im Schacht der verschleierten Tatsachen by Inkasso

Kód: 1180556
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Thanasis Zlatanos ‎– A Retrospective 12''
550 Kč

Experimental and free-spirited musical abandon a retrospective album of little-known works by Greek musician and producer Thanasis Zlatanos. A1 Master Chameleon A2 Nor The Reflection A3 Without Us A4 Psychedelic Clown A5 The Crystal Sight (Excerpt II) A6 Deformed B1 Surreal Moment B2 No Expectations B3 The Crystal Sight (Excerpt I) B4 The Dead Don't Remember B5 The New Barbarians B6 Macedonian

Kód: 1180472
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