Random Numbers

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Carcass Identity - S/T 12"
290 Kč

Matthieu Levet (Carrageenan / Pizza Noise Mafia) and Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low / Tav Exotic / Maitres Fous ...) are two musicians based in Brussels who have cut their teeth in the city’s freeform underground for well over a decade. Carcass Identity by Carcass Identity

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UVB76 - Iwa Gaaden 12"
375 Kč

Fourth vinyl installment for the duo, 'Iwa Gaaden' is also their third collaboration with Random Numbers. Pushing forward their commitment for processed field-recordings, micro-samples and poly-rhythmic patterns, this 5 long tells a singular and dark tale about spirits and revenge.  Snippets here.

Kód: 1180438
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