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Religius Order - Luci Nere 12" mini-LP
Religius Order - Luci Nere 12" mini-LP
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Luci Nere by Religius OrderRat Life Records is back with more music to accompany the end of the world. Here are six tracks by Roman citizen Alessio Di Mezza (also known as Religius Order) that make you feel like it’s the Fall of Rome all over again. Excellent timing, considering the state of modern civilization on this planet right now. Luci Nere is the perfect soundtrack for your Apocalypse Afterparty!

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Serial Error - Afro Gothic EP 12"
320 Kč

Serial Error was founded as a New Beat project when Jacob Korn was asked for a submission to the 'Our Beat Is Still New' compilation series on the Belgian We Play House label in late 2014. Afro GothicUnder Den HelmenArt Academy Talk (Vocoder)Art Academy Talk (Vocal)

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Cuthead - Big Time EP 12"
250 Kč

We got Cuthead on Rat Life Number 12. You probably know this guy.   DubintroBig Time5 HardHeadspinWatfast

Kód: 1180031
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