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Master Plan Electric Baile / Pushin' Too Hard (Gerd Janson & Enzo Elia Edits)
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Master Plan was the Chicago based dance music project of Pepper Gomez and Tom O’Callahan. Spanning from 1984 to 1986, the groups development is in sync with the dance music scene of Chicago during that era. While their first record „Pushin’ Too Hard“ is a Windy City version of the NYC club music of the time and its European cross-pollination, „Electric Baile“ from two years later down the line is almost a quantum jump into house music. Here you have remastered and updated versions by Enzo Elia and Gerd Janson.  "Electric Baile" (Enzo Elia vocal edit) "Electric Baile" (Enzo Elia dub edit) "Electric Baile" (Enzo Elia bonus beats) "Pushin' Too Hard" (Gerd Janson Mega mix) "Pushin' Too Hard" (Gerd Janson Instrumix)

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