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DJ Sofa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz – Şelale LP 12"
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Şelale by soFa, Houschyar & Okay Temiz   Second Circle return with a special one-off album of music by Belgian producer soFa, German musician Houschyar and the legendary Turkish drummer and percussionist Okay Temiz. SC019 – Şelale (LP) is the result of a string of sessions that began in Istanbul in 2018, when soFa spontaneously teamed up with friend Houschyar for a series of smoky jams in the young producer’s 5th floor apartment. They would meet again a few months later, with a plan to finish the EP, and whilst having lunch, the two decided to pay a spontaneous visit to Okay Temiz, with whom soFa had worked previously. Welcoming the pair in the percussion workshop (Atölye) where he spends most of his days, Temiz was excited by their demos and the three of them began to jam around the tracks, with Temiz utilizing a number of his own homebuilt instruments. The duo had now become a trio, it seems, and back in their home studio the jams would be edited and reworked; with Okay adding further overdubbing and contributions to the tracks. Probably best known as a member of The Don Cherry Trio, for his own band Oriental Wind and for numerous collaborations with some of the best Jazz musicians in the world, Okay Temiz is considered to be one of the most innovative and outstanding musical figures in Turkey and beyond. A professional musician since 1955, Temiz's career began in Jazz and traditional Turkish music, but he became increasingly fascinated with the possibilities of electronic and self-built instruments, which he would experiment with in different forms. During the late 70ties Temiz also developed a special love for Brazilian instruments such as the Berimbau and Cuica, both of which are omnipresent on this album. In this latest collaboration, Okay Temiz weaves his percussive magic through six diverse psychedelic synthesizer and drum computer jams, alongside two exciting young producers. Şelale is mixed by Dusseldorf studio wizard Gordon Pohl and is expected to hit streets early July.

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Khan - Blue Box Sessions 12"
375 Kč

The eighteenth release on Second Circle is the label's second exploration into an artists archival works; this time presenting a selection of four early tracks by theatre, film and music producer Can Oral under his Khan alias. Give Me More Sweet Pink Lemonade Slow Stepper Warm Lethereth

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Zatua - Sin Existencia
350 Kč

Indonesian outfit Zatua's debut release ‘Sin Existencia’. First formed by Dea Barandana, the seven track album was recorded in Jakarta and Bali over two years and grew out of improvised live shows with a band Dea put together. A1 HarimauA2 Silver HorizoA3 Nun Vuelas MásA4 Rubber EliteB1 Camel Express (Alatas Version)B2 Hay JaomalB3 Sin Existencia

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Giuseppe Leonardi - Mentemente LP 12"
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Recorded in Vienna, during the lockdown of the city, the title ‘MenteMente’ was derived from the Spanish word ‘Mente’ (meaning ‘Mind’) and refers to a meditative state developed during times of crisis, and the evolution this has brought to Giuseppe’s own musical process over the past months. A1 Red LoftA2 Syn KotoA3 SakeB1 Acid FlowerB2 Turn On Tune In Drop OutB3 Earth Flat

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