Second Circle

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DJ Sofa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz – Şelale LP 12"
450 Kč

Second Circle return with a special one-off album of music by Belgian producer soFa, German musician Houschyar and the legendary Turkish drummer and percussionist Okay Temiz....

Kód: 1737
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Khan - Blue Box Sessions 12"
375 Kč

The eighteenth release on Second Circle is the label's second exploration into an artists archival works; this time presenting a selection of four early tracks by theatre, film...

Kód: 1180445
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Zatua - Sin Existencia
350 Kč

Indonesian outfit Zatua's debut release ‘Sin Existencia’. First formed by Dea Barandana, the seven track album was recorded in Jakarta and Bali over two years and grew out of...

Kód: 1180289
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Giuseppe Leonardi - Mentemente LP 12"
300 Kč

Recorded in Vienna, during the lockdown of the city, the title ‘MenteMente’ was derived from the Spanish word ‘Mente’ (meaning ‘Mind’) and refers to a meditative state developed...

Kód: 1180366
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