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Shams Dinn - S/T 12"
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Originally from Morocco, Shams immigrated to France at a young age. Immersed in the breakdance and hip hop scene, cutting his teeth on the mic of the various fashionable clubs of 1980's Paris. Quickly earning acclaim from performing at freestyle events and touring his underground hit song "Hedi Bled Noum", Shams landed a major label record deal. However, what would've been his debut full-length was squashed due to the Gulf War causing the label to rethink what they wanted to represent. Feeling sour about the music business, Shams shelved most of these songs until this release. Presented is a collection of early demos, "Hedi Bled Noum", and songs from that 'lost' full-length. (Shams Dinn) شمس دين by Shams Dinn

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Karya - Muž ze skla 12"
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A good blend of dreamy synths and spoken word mixed with choir samples. It seems to be one of the few house records of it's style coming from Czechoslovakia during that era and with good reason. Labels like Supraphon dominated the electronic music industry during the communist party rule through the '70s & '80s. In 1990, Czechoslovakia had it's first free elections in nearly 45 years. What came of it was the installation of a new democratic party, and new opportunities for artists like Jindřich Parma to release the music they wanted to. The original 7" of 'Muž Ze Skla' was delicately holding itself as a soon to be invisible symbol of historical celebration of the new creative freedoms that came with the end of the old government regime. Now reissued for the first time on a 12".   Muž Ze Skla by Karya  

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