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Plastic Cocoon - Madame Arthur 12" LP
475 Kč

Top Tape finally celebrates its 35th anniversary with the album release “Madame Arthur” by Plastic Cocon. These special recordings have been lost for decades and are now being...

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Boyz In Parx - Passion 12" LP
599 Kč

Domesica’s collaboration with Dutch label Tope Tape, originally founded in the mid-80s by Menko Konings and recently reborn, allowed them to reissue the mythical S.M Nurse...

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No Honey From These ‎– Over The Hill 12''
420 Kč

2012 tracks by No Honey From These for the first time on vinyl in a limited edition of 200 copies (release end March 2021).These tracks where included on a CD-R at the first 100...

Kód: 1180784
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No Honey From These ‎– The Twelve Secret Hometape Sessions 12''
375 Kč

Experimental improvisations recorded 1983 sound on sound on a Revox A77 two track recorder in Amsterdam. After recording, the tape was lost and forgotten, until after about 25...

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