Uncanny Valley

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Credit 00 - Deep In the Jungle 12"
299 Kč

Two years ago Credit 00 was lucky enough to find a flat with a winter garden in the midst of the city's concrete vastness. Setting up his studio there, surrounded by plants, facing the backyard oasis with its trees, bushes and birds singing all day was quite the opposite of his usual work environment. R You Ready 2 JackTrue 2 The Gehm (2019 Version)The GardenDeep in the Jungle

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YELLOW: Cuthead, Massimiliano Pagliara, Dürerstuben, Panthera Krause, Daniela La Luz
350 Kč

Friends, it is time for a finish. Here’s the seventh and last chapter of the festivities that we put together for our 50th catalogue number. Cuthead - Party ChordsMassimiliano Pagliara - Sunset FunkDürerstuben - Iwesu YewisuPanthera Krause - The Naked NowDaniela La Luz - When You Go All In And Wait

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Jacob Korn - Son of GX 12"
290 Kč

Do yourself a favour and dance across the floor when listening to the new Jacob Korn-record, aptly titled Son Of GX.   Singlefinger ChordCats On OrgansSon Of GXFun Block

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Herzel - Forms 12"
330 Kč

From the heart of Macedonia comes Herzel with his first EP for Uncanny Valley.   FormsGlideGlowwormsTWO

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