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Parrenin / Weinrich ‎– Jours de Grève 12''
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Imagine Prometheus, the thief of fire, the father of civilisation, had been spellbound by the sirens chanting and never felt pain, when the eagle bit his liver. Total enchantment, created by sound to overcome the pain of existence. A sound, styled by the ideal harmony of body and soul. And yet, the pain is still there, hidden between the notes, driving a romantic vision of salvation. A1 Le Couple Coupable A2 Caltec’s Dance A3 White Layers Over Black Papers A4 Hephaistos Breeze B1 Gelbe Schlange B2 Zombie’s Passeport B3 Le Souffle d’Hephaistos Attisant Le Fourneau Qui Crépite D’Impatience B4 L’Incantation Du Héros aux Yeux Bandés

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